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There are several kinds of food products in Zhaoqing. They are Tzung Tzu (glutinous rice dumpling), freshwater fish from Xijiang River, vegetarian dish, Dinghu style, Wenqing Carp, Maixi Grass Carp from Gaoyao, Tea & Oil Chicken from Sihui, rice noodle, b

  Tea Cake
  Tea Oil Chicken
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·Macao → Zhaoqing
·HK → Zhaoqing (D.H.K)
·Zhaoqing → HK (D.H.K)
·HK → Zhaoqing (CTS)
·Zhaoqing → HK (CTS)
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·Map of Zhaoqing
·Application for Visas of Ma...
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·Jinpeng Patton Hotel (Five-star)
·Zhaoqing International Grand Hote...
·Bi Guiyuan Phoenix Hotel (Five-st...
·OYC Hotel (Five-star)
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·What is the train schedule?
Duanzhou Inkstone more
Star Lake Nationa...
Seven Star Crags
Mountain Dinghu
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Chain Mart (New World)
Tianning Square
CapitaMalls Plaza
Good World Shopping Center
Chain Mart (Duanzhou Trird Road)
Star Lake International Plaza
International Xintiandi Plaza
Zhaoqing Grandbuy Times Square
Matthiola incana R.Br
Euryale ferox Salisb
Zhaoqing Inkstone
Xinghua Chicken
Tea Cake
Tea Oil Chicken
Antelope Gorge
Evening Travel in Star La...
Guangxin Ecology Garden
Zhaoqing Resort and Golf ...
Dinghu style
Wrapped Steamed
Wenqing Carp
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·3 Days in Dinghu & Fengka...
·3 Days in Dinghu, Duanzho...
·3 Days in Deqing County &...
·3 Days of Dinghu & Duanzh...
·3 Days in Dinghu (Plan A)
·3 Days in Dinghu (Plan B)
·2 Days in Deqing & Duanzh...
·2 Days of Seven Star Crag...
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