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Ye Rui


Ye Rui, male and a Han Chinese originally from Yunan of Guangdong Province, was born in July 1967. He started working in July 1987 and joined the Communist Party of China in June 1992. He majored in administrative management at Party School of the Guangdong provincial Party Committee.

Currently he is vice mayor of Zhaoqing Municipal Government, member of the Party Leadership Group of Zhaoqing Municipal Government, director of Zhaoqing Public Security Bureau.

He is put in charge of supervision, judicial affairs, work safety, fire protection, People's Armed Forces, legal system, letters and calls from the people, emergency management, anti-smuggling.

He is also put in charge of Public Security Bureau of Zhaoqing, Supervision Bureau of Zhaoqing, Justice Bureau of Zhaoqing, Work Safety Supervision and Administration Bureau of Zhaoqing, Legislative Affairs Bureau of Zhaoqing, Bureau for Letters and Calls of Zhaoqing, Emergency Office of Zhaoiqng, Anti-smuggling of Zhaoiqng.

He contacts Armed Police of Zhaoqing Detachment, Public Security Fire Department of Zhaoqing.

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