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Chen Jiatian


Chen Jiatian, male and a Han Chinese originally from Foshan of Guangdong Province, was born in February 1964. He started working in July 1984 and joined the Communist Party of China in March 1986. He is a postgraduate at Party School of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee and has a bachelor degree in philosophy.

Currently he is vice mayor of Zhaoqing and member of the Party Leadership Group of Zhaoqing Municipal Government.

He is put in charge of finance, state-owned property, urban & rural construction, land & resources, urban & rural planning, urban comprehensive management, people's air defense and Tourism, tax administration and and some key projects of the municipal transportation. He assists Mayor Fan Zhongjie in Zhaoqing New Area.

He is also put in charge of  Finance Bureau of Zhaoqing, Land Resources Bureau of Zhaoqing, Housing, Urban & Rural Construction Bureau of Zhaoqing, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of Zhaoqing, Urban & Rural Planning Bureau of Zhaoqing, Urban Management & Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Zhaoqing, Tourism Bureau of Zhaoqing, Administration Bureau of Seven Star Lake, Administration of Agent Construction Project Bureau of Zhaoqing, People's Air Defense Office of Zhaoqing and Land Reserve Center of Zhaoqing.

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