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Li Ben


Li Ben, male and a Han Chinese originally from Huangmei of Hubei Province, was born in May 1969. He started working in July 1992. He joined the Communist Party of China(CPC) in November 1991. Li Ben has a bachelors degree of engineering.

Currently, Li Ben is Member of the Standing Committee of CPC Zhaoqing Municipal Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Party Leadership Group of the Peoples Government of Zhaoqing Municipality, Vice Mayor of Zhaoqing, and also Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoqing New Area.

His job is to assist the mayor with the daily work of the government and to take charge of the overall work of the Party Working Committee of Zhaoqing New Area. He is also in charge of finance, taxation, statistics, supervision of state-owned assets, production safety and emergency management, fire rescue and government affairs publicity. He is also put in charge of Zhaoqing Municipal Bureau of Finance, Emergency Bureau, SASAC, Bureau of Statistics and Financial Bureau. Besides, he contacts Zhaoqing Municipal Tax Bureau, Fire Rescue Team, the Peoples Bank of China(Zhaoqing Branch), CBIRC(Zhaoqing Substation), branches of financial institutions in Zhaoqing and Zhaoqing Survey Team of the National Bureau of Statistics.

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