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Guangdong Antelope Mountain Forest Park

 Description: Antelope Mountain Forest Park locates at the east of Zhaoqing city center, at the north bank of Antelope Gorge of Xijiang River, east to ancient barbette Tianhou Temple, west to Xijiang Power Station, south to the river bank and north to Su village. The planned park area is about 1518.5 hectares with 94.3% is covered by the forest The park combines with beautiful scenery of the Xijiang River and Antelope Gorge as well as history and cultural remains. It is also a great place for tourism, leisure and fitness, a suburban forest park for tourism and entertainment. The park meets the requirement of national secondary-level forest park and is qualified apply provincial forest park.

Ways of Cooperation: Cooperative explore or entire tenancy

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed.

Total Amount of investment: RMB 5billion yuan

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: To be discussed

Expected Period of Return on Cost: 10 years

Proposed Site: Antelope Mountain, Huanggang Town, Duanzhou District

Infrastructure Conditions: Access road and completed infrastructure entering the park, passenger terminal in the northeast of the park

Category: Permitted

Contact Person: Mr. Wen Kaiquan

Tel: 13822695668, 0758-2762128

Fax: 0758-2762300

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