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Prot Grain Logistics Project

Description: The project is planned locate in Port Logistics Area of Zhaoqing Xinggang Dock in Dinghu District with an area of 1500mu. It will become a large Comprehensive industry Park of grain product exchange, logistics and business. Xingang Dock is one of the 28river ports China with an area of 1699mu, 9berths for5000ton ship and predict 10 million tons throughput per year.

Ways of Cooperation: To be discussed.

Period of Cooperation: RMB 3.5 billion yuan

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: Cash input

Expected Period of Return on Cost: to be evaluated

Proposed Site: Guangli Town, Dinghu District, Zhaoqing City

Infrastructure Conditionals: Adjacent to Xingang Dock, which has 2 berths for 5000 ton ship.

Strategic transportation condition: National Route No.321 Guangmao Railway and several are under construction including Outer PRD Highway, nanguang Railway, Guiguang Railway and several are under construction and which covered the whole pan-PRD Area

Category: Encouraged

Contact Person: Mr.Cao Renjian

Tel: 0758-2622135

Fax: 0758-2622137

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