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Electronic Information Industry of Zhaoqing National Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone


Description: Electronic Information Park is located at the north of Science Street and west of the Dawng Ave. The planned total area is about 6 km2 .Referring to the future layout of Zhaoqing Nation Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone, the Electronic information park will take charge of the key Opto-electronics projects from home and abroad, including introduce intelligent opto-electronics industry, software information industry, communication information industry, computer industry, FPD industry, digital audio-visual industry, photovoltaic industry, new energy industry and automobile electronics industry, etc.

Ways of Cooperation: To be discussed.

Period of Cooperation: To be discussed.

Total Amount of Investment: Negotiated through investment project..

Ways of Investment and Capital Contribution: To be discussed

Expected Period of Return on Cost: To be evaluated.

Proposed Site: East to Beijing bridge, west to the abuttal of Dawang and Sihui City, south to Guangdong Guangxi Highway and north to the area of Jiangjun Ave  .

Infrastructure Conditions: Access road, water supply, power supply, drainage, communication, centralized heating, as well as formation sites. Beside, the investors can enjoy relevant favorable policies that provided by the Hi-Tech Industry Development zone .

Category: According to the attribute of the project.

Contact person: Zhang Qian

Tel.; 0758-3636333

Fax: 0758-3636233

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