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Xu Pinghua meets Deng Wenzhong on March 19

Xu Pinghua, Secretary of CPC Zhaoqing Municipal Committee, met Deng Wenzhong, NAE member, foreign academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, international famous master of bridge construction and Chinese American on March 19. Deputy mayor Chen Xuanqun attended the meeting.  

Deng Wenzhong received a welcoming speech by Xu Pinghua for returning home again and playing an important role in educational exchange. Zhaoqing, fully implementing the development strategy of Two Zones Accelerating Industrialization and Urbanization, was speeding up to become vital node and gateway to southwest china in Pearl River Delta. Several major transport infrastructure projects had been actively promoting. Xu Pinghua cared for Deng Wenzhong’s good opinion on economic and social development of the city, especially on the major development platform and transport infrastructure projects. 

Mr Deng said that he was very concerned about the development of Zhaoqing and hoped to strengthen exchange in education. Mr Deng took part in the educational exchange activity and visit Zhaoqing New Area on the same day. 

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